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Your designer and producer

of identification solutions

for industrial marking

Labels with Thermal Transfer Printing

Labels marked with thermal transfer printing
for industrial identification (serial numbers, bar codes, QR codes etc.)
for the electronics, aeronautic, astronautic, mechanical and health sectors…

Heat shrink tubing in ladder format

Heat shrink tubing in ladder format,
printable by thermal transfer,
for the identification of wires and cables.

Labels in technical materials resistant to aggressive environments

Labels in technical materials resistant to aggressive environments:
extreme temperatures, chemicals, humidity, abrasion…

Self-Protecting labels

Self-protecting labels.
Simple and rapid marking to identify
wires, cables, connectors….

Design and Manufacture of products adapted to your needs

Design and manufacture of products adapted to your needs,
in collaboration with your technical teams.
Proposition of made to measure solutions to meet your marking requirements.


Using technical materials (polyester, vinyl, polyimide, polyethylene, polypropylene, paper…) CABLOG creates a wide range of adhesive products to meet your demands across varied applications.


Some applications (notably in the electric and textile sectors) require non-adhesive marking. CABLOG provides a solution adapted to your requirements: rigidity, thickness, colour…


CABLOG supplies technical products which can be printed via thermal transfer to protect and identify your wires and cables.

Our activity

Since 1986 our technical team has been using its know-how to design and manufacture identification and traceability products for industrial environments.

Our expertise

We propose marking solutions in response to widely varying specifications, notably for severe and demanding environments: resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasion, solvents, lubricants, chemicals, UV radiation…

Our main markets

Electronics, aeronautics and astronautics (civil and military), electricity and energy, mechanics, healthcare, textile…


Zone des Champs Dolents
8 rue de Sétubal
Tel : +33(0) 3 44 06 05 60
Fax : +33(0) 3 44 06 05 66

A French manufacturer of identification products (technical labels, heat shrink products…), CABLOG supplies numerous sectors across widely varying applications in small and medium production runs.

The diversity of our production equipment sets us apart and allows us to respond, with short turnaround times, to specific technical requests.

Flexible, creative and focused on our customers’ needs, CABLOG works hand in hand with its clients to ensure we meet their most demanding product specifications. With a 460 m2 production facility in France (Beauvais, Oise) and a wide range of raw materials and machines, CABLOG has become a trusted partner for its clients, ranging from SME’s to large industrial groups.


CABLOG guarantees high levels of service and reactivity in response to your needs for:
– Made to measure products
– Small and medium production runs
– Individualised marking


Our skill in prototyping accompanies your projects. In line with your applications and needs, CABLOG proposes prototypes and adapts its products.


Purchasers, technicians, engineers, please feel free to request samples of our products for testing in operational conditions.

Homologations / ISO 9001 Certification

Our ISO 9001 certification assures you of the integrity and quality of our products and services.
Our product homologations (UL and DGA) are evidence of our technical expertise.

ISO 9001 Certified

since 1999 for the quality of our products and services.

UL referenced

for export to the USA.

DGA Homologated

by the Direction Générale de l’Armement (French government military procurement agency).
Test report ECE/95 054/CH/1150741.

We work in partnership with our clients:
the creation of confidence allows long term collaboration.

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