engraved products

Engraving materials have two layers : a surface layer and a marking layer.

Laser engraving removes the upper layer (surface) to reveal the lower layer (marking). This allows permanent and resistant marking.

These materials are available with or without adhesive backing.

CABLOG offers a wide rang of colours, thicknesses and finishes.


Material reference : AA

Material reference : AD

Material reference : AA

Material reference : BF




Material reference AA AD BF
Material PMMA Acrylic PMMA Acrylic Acrylate
Thicknesses 0.8 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm 0.25 mm 0.05 mm
Colours Various options Various options

Black surface, white marking

Silver surface, black marking

Finish Matt Matt, glossy or brushed Matt
Adhesive With or without adhesive backing Adhesive backing Adhesive backing
Adhesive type High performance acrylic High performance acrylic High performance acrylic
Usage temperature (C) -40° to +80° -40° to +80° -60° to +150° with brief exposure to +300° 

Good UV resistance


Good UV resistance


Zero halogen, high resistance to chemical products and high temperatures
Application Indoor and outdoor signage Indoor signage Indoor and outdoor labels


All products are RoHS and REACH approved.